Priceline Asked "What beauty items are you carrying in your handbag right now?"..... Umm, Your Whole Store!!!

Monday 9 December 2013

It started with a simple question on Facebook.

"What beauty items are you carrying in your handbag right now?"

So I looked into my bag and realised that it would be quicker to take a photo of all of my products rather than list them!!! *hangs head in beauty buying shame*

THIS is what I'm carrying around.... FOURTEEN lip products as well as bobby pins, a hand cream, perfume oil, hair oil, hair cream and deodorant.

I should have known earlier this week that I had too many products in my handbag when I had to swap over my cosmetics bag to a bigger size as I couldn't fit what I already had in it. I then added 2 new lip products and left for work. Yep..... Instead of taking some out like a sane person, I added more! But in my defence, picking a couple of items to take out is like choosing a favourite child (you DON'T do it!)

So what's in your handbag? PLEASE someone let me know they have more so I don't feel like a crazy cat lipstick lady!

Amy, XO

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  1. Haha you and me both sister, I cleaned my bag last week nek minut there's 6 lippies in there.

  2. Hahahah I love this! I try not to carry too much since I hate having anything heavy, but I think all of us ladies can relate to this! xx

  3. Haha that's a lot of lip products! I don't carry a lot with me because my handbag is already heavy. So just have a lip balm, one lipstick and a powder.

    Awesome post btw :)