Covergirl "Flamed Out" Mascara and 2-in-1 Shadow Review

Friday 31 January 2014

Covergirl released their new "Flamed Out" Collection earlier this month. Pink is the face of the range and her ads look beautiful. I love that she isn't your usual "face of" and is styled to still look like her. 

The range is all about the eyes and creating bold, dramatic eyes. 

Covergirl are known for their mascara, and the new range includes the Flamed Out Mascara. It's a "volume igniter" that gives your lashes a false lash effect. 

I have it in "Black/Brown Blaze"* but there is also "Very Black Blaze" available for those that love black dramatic lashes.

It has a larger wand, to make sure that every single lash is coated. This is to give maximum volume to your lashes. I find the best way to use the wand is to use more sweeping motions from root to end. I sometimes use a very slight wobble at the base to create a thicker lash line. Because the wand is thick just make sure it's a very slight and slow wiggle, or you'll end up with mascara all over your eyelids. 

The wand also helps to give my eyelashes a bit of a curl, so I can skip using an eyelash curler but still have gorgeous lashes. 

I find that the black/brown gives enough colour to give my lashes impact, but it doesn't look too fake or harsh.

It retails for $14.95 here in Australia.

Also available in the range is the Flamed Out 2 in 1 gel shadow + liner. I have "Ginger Flame" (340)* and "Melted Caramel Flame" (350)*. Ginger flame is a gorgeous pinky gold, while Melted Caramel is a beautiful mid brown that's anything but plain. 

It's a really creamy texture that feels really odd when you apply it. It applies onto your skin cool. It feels almost damp on your eyelids then sets. I've used these 2 colours together and they work well together even when I've done a smokey eye. 

These look very similar to the Max Factor Wild Shadow Sticks (I've previously reviewed them here). They are both 2 in 1 formulas in a pencil. 

The browns look almost identical. I find the Covergirl Stick has slightly more of a sheen.

The pinks are quite different. The Max Factor colour is pinker and has less of a golden sheen.  The Covergirl is much more lighter and more of a rose gold. 

These retail for $9.95 and there are 6 colours available.

Covergirl is available from Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W & selected pharmacies. 

Overseas they also have the Shadow Pots. These are similar to the Max Factor ones. Sadly we don't have them here in Australia. They have some gorgeous colours available in the US (which you can see here). 

Have you bought any of the new range? Do you love Pink as a Covergirl?
Amy, XO

*I was kindly sent these for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Max Factor and Covergirl are both owned by the same parent company so they are indeed the same product, just relabelled. There are a lot more of the Covergirls available in the US, I think the Hot Pink Flame would be a match for Untamed Pink. I had some sent over to me around July when they were first available in the US, I love to use them as bases.

    1. Thanks for the link :) You're so lucky to get the whole range in the US. It's such a shame we didn't get them all here in Aus.

    2. I am an Aussie too, I just have a very nice friend who will shop and mail to me! Seems I have 2 that aren't sold here - Hot Pink Flame and Crimson Flame. I haven't used either, maybe I should put them up for sale so someone can appreciate them.

  2. I recently got the mascara from a blog swap I did with Abby from Shrinking Wallet.. but have yet to try it! I think I'm going to have to open it and give it a go now! I really want those shadow/liner sticks too, the colours look great!

  3. Im not a fan of big brushed mascaras because I tend to get it all over my lids but I love the look of those shadow sticks! Those shades are beautiful.

  4. no wonder I am not a fan of both... they slip down my eyes to easily

  5. I like the look of the shadow sticks :) however I'm not a huge fan of mascaras that have a huge brush as they tend to be a little messy (or I'm just hopeless applying them!)

  6. I wanna try the shadow sticks. They seem like great products to try out. I like the shade for they seem to blend well with the skin.

  7. The mascara looks cool, I am very intrigued by the brush. I love Ginger Flame, think I have to try it next time I'm at Priceline xxx

  8. I haven't tried any of these yet, I do love Pink though! :)