Olay "Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Powered Contour Cleansing System" Review

Thursday 6 February 2014

Olay has brought out a new range of products, called Fresh Effects, that are targeted towards a younger demographic. It's for women (and men) 18-30. The range is all about simple, effective and easy to use products. 

In the range there's a cleanser, moisturiser, BB cream (available in 2 shades) and an exfoliating cleanser. The BB cream comes in "fair to light" and "light to medium." 

All of the products are lightweight and oil free. It's perfect for anyone that is wanting a simple, but fun skincare routine. The packaging is cute and the names are fun. 

All of the products are very affordable and between $14.99 and $16.99. 

The last product in the range is their Powered Contour Cleaning System. This is their answer to a Clarisonic or the Olay Cleansing System.... except this one has a fresh new twist to it. 

Instead of brush bristles, this has silicone bristles. It makes the brush feel completely different than anything that I've ever tried before.

The bristles don't move by themselves, unlike the rotating brushes on the Clarisonic or Olay system. But the device does vibrate. 

I tend to use this on my tzone, as well as a quick run over my cheeks. I apply my cleanser to the brush head, add a few drops of water and apply onto my skin. Otherwise I also apply my cleanser first to my skin and then use the brush on my skin. 

The brush head is shaped like a triangle. This means that it gets into the curves of your nose and is very easy to use.

The brush is quite small, so it's perfect for travelling. 

The best way to use this is by moving it in circular motions. The bristles are all shaped differently and work well no matter how you hold it.

You're left with very soft skin that feels slightly exfoliated even though the bristles don't turn.

It's so very, very easy to use. There are two buttons on it. One turns it on and the other turns it off. It's really idiot proof!

The battery (an AAA battery) is housed in the handle.

It comes fully assembled (even the battery is installed). In the box there's only the device and a cleanser. I haven't used the cleanser as my skin is more on the normal to dry side. 

This costs only $16.99, so it's a great product to pick up and try it out for yourself. 

The Fresh Effects range is available in Australia now. 

Would you try a brush like this? What do you think about the bristles?
Amy, XO

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  1. Well, that is a new concept. I have never seen anything like this but at such an affordable price I think that it should sell well and be appealing to all different age groups even though it is targeted at the younger demographic. Great review x

  2. Wow this is so interesting! I've been using the Regenerist one and loving that but this looks so intriguing.

    1. I've seen a lot of US bloggers raving about the Regenerist range lately. I'll have to check it out tomor at Priceline.

  3. This sounds like a cheaper alternative to those other siliconey-vibrating brushes. Very interesting! How does it compare to the other olay one with bristles? Does it provide a very deep cleanse? Also, I would be wondering if it completely waterproof and able to be used in the shower.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. That brush though... I'm excited for this range!!

  5. Hmmm...interesting. A new concept that I am so excited to try it out. It seems like a great product to try out. I will def going to check on this.

  6. Wow this looks really interesting! I love the Olay Regenerist brush that you blogged about ages ago :D