New Year Beauty Resolutions

Thursday 23 January 2014

Life has been super busy for me and I haven't had a lot of time to think about my resolutions for 2014.

As usual, my goals include 
enjoying life more, stressing less and being healthier.

But I also have beauty resolutions....

Buy less, use more

My biggest thing in 2014 is to buy less (excluding essentials like razors, body lotion and wash) and to use up what I have. I have a lot of half used products and I REALLY need to finish them up. Get ready for a LOT of empties posts in 2014!

If you have any great tips or advice on stopping my impulse purchases I'd love to hear them :)

Use it or loss it

Every 3 months I'll go through my make up and take out products that I haven't used for a long time. If I don't use it by the end of the month then it goes in the bin.

I need to get stop holding on to products thinking that I'll use them more often. 

Read ingredients BEFORE I buy a product

I seem to buy things and later think about what ingredients are in the product. Sometimes there are soooo many bad ingredients our beauty products and it can be worrying about the effects on both our body and the environment. 

In 2014 I want to learn more about ingredients and how safe they are.

Continue good beauty habits

2013 was all about never going to bed with make up on and ALWAYS using sunscreen. And I did really well. I think there was only about 4 or 5 times I didn't wash my make up off all year. Now it feels weird to not wash my make up off. 

Wash my brushes every week

I have a lot of brushes, so I can go quite a while without washing them. But then I'm stuck having to wash what seems like 10,000 brushes at once.

So every Sunday morning I'll wash the brushes that I've used that week.

And there's my beauty resolutions.

Have you made any beauty resolutions for 2014? Or are there any bad beauty habits that you want to break this year.

Amy, XO
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  1. Great post! I usually wash my brushes on a Saturday as usually i hardly wear any makeup on Sunday. Obviously it will be different this week due to Australia Day!

    1. It makes life so much easy to have a day that you always do it. It makes it into a routine and harder to skip. I hope that you had a wonderful Australia Day :)

  2. Your resolutions are great.

    I just had such a big beauty/clothes/shoes/bag cleanout and it was divine. I only kept my favourite makeup and I'm getting better at experimenting with it. It's also fun re-discovering old favourites xx