Paula's Choice "RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum" Review

Wednesday 15 January 2014

At one point I had signed up to 5 Australian beauty boxes at the same time. While beauty boxes can be amazing value, you do get a lot of samples that stack up and seem to multiple.

I've been trying to use them up and one of the products I've been using is the Paula's Choice "RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum." This is a deluxe sample, that's 7mls. 

I've been using it every day and night this week and have fallen in love with it. 

Paula's Choice is a brand that I haven't used before but have heard so many amazing things about. 

This anti wrinkle serum contains retinol and antioxidants to repair and refine your skin. I like applying this onto my face and down my neck and chest. My chest has the most skin damage (and looks the most "aged") as I sometimes forget to apply my sunscreen all the way down my neck and chest. 

It looks and feels like an oil that's mixed with a silicone primer. It's a slightly unusual feel, but is light on the skin. It quickly and easily sinks into the skin and you only need a small amount.

Since I've started to use this, my skin feels softer and is more hydrated. I've also noticed less redness. Continual use of this serum will not only make my skin look younger but will also give my skin a more even tone and texture, which is my main goal. 

I've loved using this so much that I've bought the RESIST C15 Super Booster, which is a vitamin C serum that can be used by itself or added into PC serums to give you powerful results. I've only heard amazing things about this and can't wait to try it. 

I really like the packaging. It's easy to use and keeps the ingredients safe from sunlight. The full size version has the same packaging.

This retails for $61.50 for 30ml, but if you sign up as a VIP (which is free) it costs $43.00. 

You can purchase Paula's Choice products here

Have you tried PC products before? What product would you recommend?
Amy, XO

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1 comment:

  1. This does sound quite interesting. I've never any Paulas Choice products either, to be honest I've not thought much of them, don't really know why as you really should judge a book by its cover....but after reading your review I'm now quite keen to try some of their products myself!! And sadly my chest is also quite sun damaged - but lately I've been using anti-ageing moisturisers too greasy or intense for the combination skin on my face on my chest instead and that has helped a lot!