Pro's In The Know: Kevin.Murphy Co-Director James Nicholson and Nathan Gorman

Thursday 27 February 2014

For this "Pro's In The Know" I was lucky enough to e-interview two amazing pro's who know a thing or two(hundred) about hair.

Recently both Kevin.Murphy's James Nicholson and Nathan Gorman were co-directors for the Myer Autumn/Winter 14 Fashion Launch.

Here's my interview on all things hair...

Kevin.Murphy co-hair director James Nicholson
Kevin Murphy was in charge of the models hair for the Myer Autumn/Winter 14 Fashion Launch, what looks did you use on the runway?
The look this year is inspired by current ‘it’ girls and style icons – think Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. It’s effortless and well-maintained– simplicity at its finest.”
What I love about this look is that while it’s sleek and polished, it has an effortless feel. It’s perfect for winter.

How would we recreate the look at home?
Step 1: Prep the hair with Maxi.Wash to exfoliate the hair, followed by Angel.Wash, Rinse & Masque. If you have thick hair, replace shampoo and conditioner with Hydrate-Me.Wash and Rinse
Step 2: Remove excess moisture using a towel and prime with Anti.Gravity, this will help provide hold and control fly-always. Young.Again may also be used to give hair a smooth, shiny texture with sleek movement
Step 3: Take hair in one inch sections and using a blow drier and Round.Brush, smooth over the hair. 

Tip: To achieve a straight and polished finish, do not wrap the hair around the brush
Step 4: Continue in sections until you reach the centre part, then back brush gently and allow the hair to rest
Step 5: Brush out and finish with a light mist of Shimmer.Shine and Session.Spray.
What's your favourite Kevin Murphy product?
My favourite product at the moment would have to be Shimmer.Shine. It has light-reflective skincare technology and essential oils, so not only is it great for your hair, but it also gives hair this incredible shimmer and glow. It’s amazing!
How often should you get your haircut if you're trying to grow out your hair?

I always recommend to my clients to cut their hair every 4 to 6 weeks to keep it really healthy. If you’re trying to grow it, you should also be using weekly treatments like Born.Again.Masque.

What are your favourite go to hair styles for when you're in a rush in the morning?
When you’re in a hurry, a top knot or low bun can go a long way. It’s polished and sexy look and keeps hair off your face and neck.

Kevin.Murphy co-hair director Nathan Gorman
What hair products would you suggest for someone that has damaged hair?
I would definitely suggest Born.Again.Masque and the Young.Again range, which works to counteract the hair's aging process caused by chemical and heat damage and to restore strength, elasticity and shine.
What are your tips for beachy waves? Do you get a better effect if you use heat?
Achieving sexy beach hair is actually super easy. Just spray some Hair.Resort.Spray onto the hair and blow in with a blowdrier. Then separate the hair into sections and tie them in knots against the scalp. Leave it in for half an hour to an hour and then set the hair loose. That will give you really messy, beach-looking waves.
What hair styles would you suggest for a job interview?
It really depends on the industry, but you always want to look sophisticated and professional at a job interview. You need to feel comfortable so it is not the time to experiment, something classic and chic that represents your personality is always a winner
What hair product do you think is underrated and are surprised that more people don't use it?
I think that finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair is hugely undervalued. People think that to achieve the perfect style you only need the perfect styling product, but if you take it back a step and prep and treat your hair the right way, then apply the right styling product, creating the desired result is so much easier because you have the perfect foundation to start from.
I'm hopeless at curling my hair with a straightener. Do you have any tips?
To create the best wave you should use a hot tong, it has a round surface so you can create beautiful sexy curls and movement through hair. Using a straightening iron which has a flat surface gives you a squarer, structured wave that doesn’t look as natural. Flat wrapping medium sections of hair around a hot tong and leaving the very ends out creates a beautiful wave with a modern edge, you never want your curls to look like an 80’s scrunch dry.
I hope that everyone enjoyed reading the interview. I love what Nathan said about shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes I think because they are basic staples, that it's easy to overlook how important they really are!!

I think that I need to go get a hair cut and pick up the Young.Again and Born.Again ranges to turn my damaged hair into healthy hair. 

Will you be using the steps to recreate sleek hair?
Amy, XO

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Amy! I found it really interesting, especially the advice to not curl with a straightener. I have to get my hair cut at least every 6 weeks - otherwise it turns into a mullet lol! Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

  2. I enjoyed this interview Amy! Especially how to right shampoo and conditioner is underrated. That's what I try to remind myself with my skin care - to have a good base for make up so there's lesser need to emphasize and spend so much time and money on foundation and covering up flaws!