Beauty On A $3 Budget: Maybelline MNY My Shadow + Swatches

Sunday 2 March 2014

In my last post (a Priceline haul, which you can see here) I mentioned these eye shadows from Maybelline.

Most likely you would have missed these in your local Priceline. I know I did! In my local store, they have them in a white "bargain bin" and for many weeks I didn't even look in the stand. Then one day I rummaged through and found a treasure trove of beauty gold. 

The eye shadows retail for $3.00, but earlier last month they were on special for half price. I initially picked up 3 colours. 

These don't have names, but numbers instead. 



I also picked up "337," which looks Pomegranate in the pan. I struggled to get a true to life up close picture of it, so decided to not include one. 

741, 337 and 441

You can see from the above photo, "337" is a gorgeous dark earthy red-ish brown. 

I found that these colours did look quite different applied onto my skin than they did in the pan. 

"741" is more of a green moss mixed with emerald. "337" looks more like an earthy reddish pink when swatched. "441" looks more like a light pink when swatched.

These colours have a beautiful sheen/shine to them.

These 3 colours are so beautiful. I love to use them together (especially the light and dark pinky colours) or alone.

These 3 are so creamy and easy to apply. You wouldn't know that they have a $3 price tag!

Because I loved those 3 so much, I picked up these 4 colours for only $1.50 each.

Sadly with these I had a bit more of a hit and miss with them. 





I found when I swatched these 4, the first 2 colours (the 2 lightest) were very chalky. If there were testers available I wouldn't have bought these. I haven't tried to see if using an eye primer will help stop them looking so chalky. 

(Top to Bottom) 110, 309, 125, 437

I was really happy with the 2 bottom colours (125 and 437). These felt creamy like my original ones and weren't chalky.

The plastic packaging isn't the greatest (they look cheap and get dirty easily) but since it's a $3 eyeshadow it doesn't really fuss me. These would be great to include in a Z palette.

Overall, I've been really happy with these eye shadows. They're an affordable option, and all but 2 of the colours are smooth and beautiful to use. 

You can see all of the colours available here.

Have you tried these before?
Amy, XO

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  1. I have walked past these so many times, silly me!!! 441 and 741 look amazing, think I will need to go have a hunt for them in the shops now :)

  2. I'm the same, I've seen these a billion times and simply walked past. Gagh, why didn't I grab any?! x

  3. 441 looks really nice and versatile! I have seen these in Priceline but the packaging makes me walk straight past it lol. Now I know not to judge a book by its cover :)

  4. These are so fabulous Amy - I bought 3 of them a few weeks ago on special for $1.50. The pigmentation is astounding for the price, and I did an EOTD using the gorgeous green one...

  5. These look so great, and fantastic price too. I've been staying clear of Priceline to avoid temptations for a while, so unfortunately not come across these....may have to checks my local priceline...

  6. 337 has my name on it!

    I've been avoiding these simply because I prefer's tough though! One might accidentally fall into my basket the next time I see one. :)