Beauty On A Budget: Face Of Australia Glamazon Contour & Blush Kit in "Minx" and "Leopardess" (Swatches Galore)

Wednesday 9 April 2014

I mentioned these in my March favourites yesterday, which you can see here, and as promised today I've got swatches galore of these pretty palettes.  

They were released late last month and I was stalking the aisles of Priceline, Big W and Kmart to get my hands on them. Finally I was able to pick them up from Priceline. 

There are 2 palettes available. "Minx" is the zebra print palette that contains a blush and highlighter, while "Leopardess" is the leopard print palette that contains a contour and golden highlighter.  

Originally I thought that Minx would be my favourite. One of my favourite highlighters of all time is this one from Natio. The highlighter is pale pink (very similar to the FOA colour, so I assumed it would be my favourite. 

It contains a matte blush (on the left) with a pearly pale pink highlighter on the right. 

The blush is a beautiful matte colour that gives me a natural rosy glow. It's quite pigmented, so I apply a very small amount and work it into my skin. 

I found that the highlighter wasn't as pigmented as I expected. When I apply this on my cheeks, I find that I have to build it up and apply 2 coats to make it show up. 

I've included two photos (one being under direct light and the other away from sunlight) to show how the highlighter shimmers in different light. 

I hardly contour or bronze and actually really didn't expect to use this much. I also tend to favour pink highlighters rather than golden ones since I'm quite fair. 

But it was love at first swipe. 

The contour is beautiful because it's a matte brown that has no orange tint (Hallelujah!!). It's very pigmented and you only need a very small amount (especially if you're fair).

The highlighter is beyond beautiful. It's incredibly pigmented and shows up very easily on my skin. It's incredibly striking on your cheekbones and gives you a gorgeous JLo glow. 

It has a slightly rose gold tint to it, but still looks beautiful and natural on your skin when applied softly.

I find the highlighter lasts all day and night. It never looks oily or greasy either. I've been obsessed with this and have been using it nearly everyday since buying it!

The best thing about these palettes is the price. At only $9.95, they're so affordable! The compact is quite chunky, but it also has a mirror so it's perfect for travelling.

What's your favourite highlighter? Do you prefer a white, pink or golden shade?

Amy, XO

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  1. Wow I need these!! I hope they aren't limited edition :(

    1. It doesn't say they are limited edition.... but get them asap just in case :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I don't know why these aren't getting more attention. As soon as I swatched the bronzer one I immediately bought it and have been using it every day. I love that there is now an affordable highlighter that doesn't have large chunks of glitter.

    1. I agree with you. I think because there are only 2, it's easy to miss them on the shelf.

  4. Oh wow - that highlighter from the contour palette is gorgeous! I haven't managed to see these in stores yet but will be stalking the stands now!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Hahaahaha goodluck stalking!!! It took me a while to find them.

  5. I picked up the bronzed one a few days ago and am loving it! I definitely need to pop back in for the blusher one though! Great review lovely! xx

  6. These are so pretty!
    They look so nice! I need the bronzed one in my life!

    Dani |

    1. I'm adoring the bronzed palette. It's just so pretty :)

    2. Too Pretty!
      Im going to pop down to priceline today.
      I cant resist!

  7. Oh I am very keen on that Leopardess palette! Def. going to get it, that's such good value, thank you for sharing :)

    I thought I'd hate the animal print on it but it doesn't look too bad, I'll look past it and into the gorgeous products!

  8. I definitely think I'm going to pick up Leopardess ASAP, it looks fantastic!

    Cathy / Silver Screen Beauty Queens

  9. I want to get my hands on both of these! How gorgeous! Thanks for the review and swatches.

  10. I love them! I think they ARE limited edition,and these are already gone from the city stores.