Christmas Gift Ideas: Nude By Nature Brush With Success 12 Piece Brush Collection (Under $40)

Saturday 8 November 2014

I adore Christmas time because there are so many amazing Christmas packs available from so many beauty brands. 

Nude By Nature always knock it out of the park with their Xmas packs. Last year I bought 3 of them!!

This year they have 11 amazing gift packs. I've already bought 2 of them! Today I'm reviewing their Brush With Success 12 Piece Brush Collection. 

There are actually 3 different packaging available to buy. This one (pinky coral) is available exclusively from Priceline. There is a purple one (seen here) available at pharmacies and at the NBN online site. 

Then finally there's this one available exclusively at Myer.

I really like how easy it is to see what brushes are in the pack when you're out buying it. The brushes come in a case, which is fantastic for those that travel a lot or don't have an easy to store place for their brushes. 

I've previously purchased their brushes before in a set, so I knew to expect great quality brushes that feel soft and are cruelty free.  

Here are the brushes that are in the pack and what I thought of them.

The Applicator Brush is actually a "brush" that confuses me. The whole point of buying a brush set is so you don't have to use the eyeshadow applicators that come in a palette so I've found this inclusion a bit of a waste. 

I would have much preferred another brush or a pencil sharpener. Luckily this is the only brush that I didn't like in the set.

The Medium Eyeshadow Brush is lovely and very soft. It's a great brush for applying a soft wash of colour all over the eyelid. I have small eyes, so I love that the brush isn't too large (which is what I sometimes find in all over eye brushes).

The Angled Eye Shadow Brush is beautiful for both achieving a smokey eye and also for applying colour close to the lash line to intensify my lashes. It's not too stiff and yet not too soft. A stand out brush.

The Tapered Blending Brush is one of those brushes that every beauty needs! It's essential for the best smokey eye and for diffusing harsh lines, like contour lines. It's really soft and helps to soften harsh lines without feeling rough or uncomfortable on sensitive eyelids. 

The Angled Eye Shadow Brush is wonderful for both using on the lash line and also on your eyebrows. I like to use it on my lash line to "push" the colour down to create a more defined lash line. It's also lovely to use on your eyebrows if you apply a powder there.

The Eyebrow Comb Brush has 2 uses. It has a plastic comb that's great for combing through your lashes to separate them if you've gone heavy on the mascara. The other side has "hairs" to help separate stuck together lashes. I also like to use the hairs to brush through my eyebrows or use on my baby hairs around my hairline to flatten frizz. 

While I love that they included this (because it's rare for them to be included in a "drugstore" make up set) I would have preferred the comb to be metal (like this one) as I find that a metal comb works better to declump lashes.

The last eye brush is the Mascara Brush. I haven't actually used this as a mascara brush, instead I've loved using this as an eyebrow brush to get rid of any clumps after using a brow tint, like Benefit's Gimme Brow or ModelCo's More Brows. 

I don't use a lip brush often, but have found the Lip Brush to be really useful. I like to use it to apply lipbalm that's in a tub or when I'm feeling sick and don't want to cross contaminate my beauty products with my germs.

This brush is really easy to use and is a great shape and size for application on my lips.

The Powder Brush is so soft and is gorgeous to apply a translucent powder to help set my make up. It's also perfect for blending out any harsh lines from contour or blush. 

The Flat Foundation Brush is a small flat top kabuki brush that works in liquid foundation brilliantly. It's on the small side, so it does take a bit longer than some of my other foundation brushes, but I just adore this brush!

The Angled Blush Brush is lovely at applying both a striking stripe of colour to highlight your cheekbones and is also soft and fluffy enough for a soft wash of colour on your cheeks. I'm really glad that they included this brush in the set, as I prefer this shape over a classic rounded blush brush. 

The Fan Brush is actually one of the main reasons that I bought this. I love a good fan brush. This one is lightweight and is easy to use. I like to  use it to apply highlighter, or to remove (without smudging) eyeshadow fall out. 

As you can see from the above photo, the flat foundation brush is quite small. I've pictured it with the Real Techniqes Buffing Brush (left) and the Nude By Nature Mineral Brush (right) for comparison. 

Overall, I think this set is fantastic! The brushes are soft and easy to use. It's great for a beginner or for someone wanting a new set of brushes that normally don't come in a set (eg fan brush, eyebrow comb brush). And for only $39.95 for 12 brushes (and a case) it's wonderful value!

Is this brush set something that you would purchase for someone for Xmas? Or would you ask Santa for it yourself?
Amy, XO

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  1. Thankyou so much for this! I have been looking for a brush set for ages! Are these synthetic Bristles? I only buy synthetic.
    Renee x

    1. Hi Renee, yes they are synthetic. And they're fantastic too! :)

  2. What a great brush set! How gorgeous! I don't need any new ones, but I'm certainly tempted.

  3. hey! I really love your blog! It's so great to find other Australian beauty bloggers. I really like the way you take your photos and the content you are posting! Maybe you would like to check out my blog, I'm looking on ways to improve, maybe you could help me and give me some of your tips :)

  4. Some people find applicator brushes quite useful for packing on eyeshadow and intensifying the colour though I'm like you and always discard those pesky things that keep falling out!

    You're right though, bit of an unnecessary inclusion as a pencil brush would have completed the set nicely! I have so many brushes already but one more wouldn't hurt right? I may be swayed by a Priceline sale ;)

    HEY will it be included in the 40% off all cosmetics sale on 18/19th Nov? If so, it'd be AMAZING value! Thanks for sharing, I'm pretty sure make-up tools are included.

    1. Ahhh interesting point about the applicator. I just prefer using my brushes. And a pencil brush would have been wonderful. I'm not sure if the brushes are included in the Priceline% off sale . I know recently they weren't :(

    2. Oh damn, I dunno why my mind believed it was included but I've checked past ones and they weren't :(

      I wanted it to happen so my mind let me ;P