Reviewed: Sante By Enjo Lilac Make Up Remover Set

Sunday 28 January 2018

Over the last year, microfibre cleansing cloths and pads have become a huge beauty trend. The Make Up Eraser was one of the first brands to really target beauty lovers and put the focus on removing make up not just using it to cleanse the skin.

Last year Face Halo released their own version. Instead of a towel, they created a small pad that not only is travel friendly but also a lot prettier. I had heard a lot of good hype about these but I ended up purchasing the Sante By Enjo after seeing Tried And Tested rave about them on Instagram.

I ended up buying the Flawless Skin Lilac set which comes with 7 make up removers, 2 exfoliating pads, a set of 3 make up bags and 2 mini laundry bags. This set costs $99 but they do have some smaller and larger sets depending on your budget. The also have a few different colours available.

The laundry bags are great as I can use them to put the dirty make up and exfoliating pads in the bag and wash them in the washing machine without damaging them. 

I like that the set has 7 of the make up pads so I have one for every day of the week. I normally will wash the dirty ones once there is 5 there so I always have clean ones available. 

All you need to do to remove your make up is to wet the pad and then wipe it (along with your make up) off your face. Because it's double sided, I normally use one side for the left side of my face and then the other side for the right side of my face. If you don't wear a lot of make up then you will only need one side to clean your face.

It gets almost all of my make up off but you may need something extra if you're wearing waterproof liner or mascara. Even though they do remove make up, I still normally will use a normal cleanser afterwards. I think this comes down to habit more than necessity as the last few years I've always done a double cleanse. Just now instead of using a cleansing balm or oil, I use the Sante make up removing pad. I also like to use these to help remove a face mask. 

I was really impressed with the exoliating pads. They help to remove dead skin without being abrasive or uncomfortable. I love to use these to help remove an exfoliator, especially one that's gentle and doesn't give me enough exfoliation alone. 

I absolutely love these and really want to buy another set as they're just fantastic!

I also ordered the Colour Change Brush Cleanser after seeing a video of it on Instagram. I own one of the brush cleansing sprays that you spray onto your brush to remove pigment quickly but I find a lot of the time that they don't dry quick enough and they can still feel damp, especially if you use natural brushes. The great thing about the Sante brush cleanser is there's no liquid so I don't need to wait until the brush dries to use it again. 

The cleansing pad that removes eyeshadow pigment looks like a microfiber pad but it feels prickly. This helps to break up the shadow and catch it in the pad. I love the brush cleanser as it's quick and easy to use. It helps to take out shadow pigment so you can go in and use another shade in less than 10 seconds. 

Even though your brush still looks like there's some eyeshadow on it, none will mix with your next shadow so you'll get a clean colour. I also love to use this to remove pigment from my crease brush so I can go back and blend more. I keep this in my bathroom so I don't have to go finding a new clean eye brush.

Sante also sell body gloves and towels to cleanse and exfoliate as well as a coconut cleanser to remover waterproof make up. 

Have you used a microfibre cloth to remove your make up? Did it live up to the hype?
Amy, XO

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