Low Buy + Products To Use Up in 2020

Wednesday 1 January 2020

I'm a beauty junkie. I love to try new things and I love finding new brands and ingredients. But lately I've been feeling less like a beauty junkie and more like a hoarder. 

I'm actually pretty good at finishing products (I often share my empties on my Instastories) but I have a bad habit of chopping and changing what I'm using so I have a lot of half used products in my bathroom.  

So my goal for 2020 is to buy less and use up more. Last night I went through my bathroom and counted up how many products I have that are opened and half used. Here's what I have...

Micellar water - 2
Oil Cleansers/First Cleanser - 8
Second/Morning Cleanser - 3
Toner - 7
Serums - 13
Face Oils - 5
Moisturiser - 11
Exfoliator - 8
Eye cream - 2
Face Mask - 18
Sheet Mask - 29 
Sunscreen - 3

Some of the total aren't that bad, like eye cream and sunscreen, but others are out of control... hello 29 sheet masks!!!

So this year I'm going to use products that I already have open instead of buying something shiny and new or opening a product in my stash. 

Also this year I'm going to go on a low buy. I know I should go on a no buy, but I'm realistic that it just wouldn't happen. Originally I was going allow myself 5 products a month, but after looking at my collection I will go with 3 items a month I'm allowed to buy. It could be make up, hair or skin. But it can't be anymore than 3 products. 

Because I'm a rule breaker I will exclude dry shampoo and sunscreen in my monthly "allowance," as I probably go through 2-3 dry shampoos every month. And suncreen is a way of life and an essential so I want to keep that as an exclusion. 

I learnt in 2019 that doing challenges (like the 30 days of masks or the sample challenge) is a great way of being able to use up products as well as finding new products that are already in my stash. I'll be doing more challenges on my Instagram this year to help me encourage to use up more of what I have. 

If you've done a low buy or a no buy, feel free to give me any tips on how to survive it. So wish me luck and if you follow me on Instagram, remind me I don't need to buy anything!

Best wishes for 2020,
Amy, xo

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  1. Love that you have a monthly product limit! This is super inspiring! I'm not sure yet if I'll do a budget or a limit like this, but either way i'm definitely doing a low buy too xxx