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Saturday 8 June 2013

On Thursday, Priceline started their new catalogue and there's some great specials. 

I originally went into Priceline to get the Nanoblur skin primer, as they have 40% off it and it's been on my wishlist since it launched. Also on my list was the Niva Lip Butters. But instead I somehow ended up with these goodies. 

Physicians Formula Youth Wear Illuminating Finish in "Translucent"

Physicians Formula Youth Wear Youth Boosting Foundation in "Light"
Models Prefer Retractable Lip Liner in "Pouty Pink"
Biore "Triple Action Toner"
Maybelline Vivid Lipstick in "Vivid Rose"

I hadn't actually seen the Physicians Formula products before, and actually only bought these because of the testers. I was able to swatch the powder and foundation on my arm and also see the packaging, including the brush. If it wasn't for the tester, I probably would have skipped it. The power of a tester can make or break a purchase! They also have 40% off the entire PF range, which helped!!

I had been wanting the Maybelline "Vivid Rose" lipstick for a while (but Chemist Warehouse had been sold out because of their 50% off sale), so I'm glad I was finally abole to pick it up. 

I picked up the Models Prefer lip liner on a whim as they had it at the register for only $1!! The Biore toner is one that I like to use when my skin is congested. For the last week or two my skin has been quite bumpy and gross, so I'm hoping this will help to decongest my skin. 

I also picked up the Innoxa products (in the photo) from the chemist. I got...

Innoxa Skin Perfecting Foundation 5 in 1 BB Cream in "Buff"
Innoxa Intensive Hand and Nail Rescue Hand Cream
Innoxa "Invisible Lip Shaper"
Innoxa Antioxidant Lip Glaze in "Tangerine"

I've had the Invisible Lip Shaper and the Lip Glazes on my wishlist for a while since seeing them reviewed on blogs (like A Beautiful Story and More Than Adored) but while I was picking them up I saw their new BB cream. It was love at first swatch, and it of course needed to be mine! The hand cream was an impulse purchase, since my hands are so dry in the cold weather.  

About 2 weeks ago I picked up some other things from Priceline that I forgot to blog about. 

Max Factor had an introductory price of 'buy one get one free' on their new Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick. I already have two of these, in Passionately Red and Designer Blossom, and I love them. I've previously reviewed Designer Blossom, which you can read here. I picked up two pink colours, "Couture Blush" (a light nudey pink) and "Vibrant Pink" (a ummm... vibrant pink). They were 2 for $9.99. 

Ponds have recently released 3 ranges in Australia (Age Miracle, Gold Radiance and Flawless White). I picked up the cleanser, "Deep Whitening Facial Foam" from the Flawless White range. It's packaging is really cute (pink and white) and I love that the ranges are different colours so it's easy to find which range you're looking for. There's a red range, pink range and gold range.

Not on my wishlist, but something that looked great was the Savvy "Portrait Palette" which has a blush, bronzer and illuminiser. All 3 colours are shimmer/sparkly. It also has a mirror and a brush in the palette for on the go application. I'll be doing a post on this very soon. 

From Models Prefer I picked up two products. One won't be a surprise, as it's something I've blogged about previously. I picked up one of their new Moisture Lust Lip Tint in "Marshmallow" which is a bright pink. You can read my review the other two of the lip tints that I've blogged about before here. I also picked up one of their eye brushes. It's a cream eyeshadow brush (MPP121). I really like the MP eye brushes and use them often. They're great affordable brushes.

Models Prefer had a GWP when you spent $20 or more you got...

Runway Shine Lipgloss in "Angel Wings" (pale pink)
Lipstick in "Picture Perfect"
Nail Polish in "Wanna Be Royal" (purple)
Mineral Bronzer 

There's no colour on the bronzer, so I'm guessing it's a one colour suits all. It has a mirror in the top, which is really handy. I'm looking forward to trying the lipstick, as I haven't used their normal lipsticks before, just the Moisture Lust Lipsticks, which I've reviewed here.

I actually thought the bronzer was a powder from the instore photo. I originally was going to get a powder and the brush, but since I thought the GWP came with a powder I changed my mind. I'll have to put their powder on my wishlist. 

What have you recently picked up from Priceline?

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  1. Wow great hauls! I've been trying to cut down on makeup purchases so I've stayed away from these sales!

  2. Your hauls are always so amazing! That GWP looks sooo good :)


  3. Oh and thank you for the mention! I knew I was forgetting to say something in that comment haha was just too excited by the GWP!!

  4. Great haul! I've never considered MP brushes before. I might give them a try one day. What's the quality like? Do you get any shedding?

  5. Holy haul! Good work, I don't think I can ever go hard as I used to now. Too much of a creature of habit!

  6. Sue... good idea, there are too many great sales on at the moment. I need to burn my credit card ;)

    Sarah... I'm glad you like the hauls (I love shopping them :P). And you're welcome for the mention

    Ty...The MP brushes can be a bit hit and miss. I love their eye brushes, but I had a bronzer brush that was awful. It shed and felt rough. I ended up throwing it out after 3 uses. I've heard good things about their mineral face brushes though. Maybe it's worth buying one face brush and see how you go :)

    Yolanda... Hahahaha it was a bit of a big haul. But in my defence it was 3 different hauls in one ;) (I'm totally trying to justify my shopping addiction!)

  7. Ooh I love Vivid Rose - a good time to get the lip shaper as I find it bleeds a bit! :)

    Thank you for the mention! :)

    You have got some real goodies in these hauls! :D