30 Days of Fashion and Beauty with Priceline Event + Goodie Bag

Friday 6 September 2013

On Wednesday I headed into town for a "30 Days Of Fashion and Beauty" Priceline event that was being held in Rundle Mall.

I was there to attend the Beauty Editor Workshop with the Shop Til You Drop beauty editor, Lisa Patulny. I've been to a couple of these events before and have always left with great tips and new beauty ideas.

(L-R) Sam and Lisa

Lisa talked about spring trends and tips and tricks while make up artist Sam applied the make up onto one of the lucky audience members and talked about the products and application methods.

One of the great things about Spring is that it's the perfect time to try out a new look. Spring is a great time to step away from your matte products and do a light and dewy look instead. 

Sam used Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation to create a gorgeous dewy base. This foundation is ALWAYS on the "must have" list of every beauty editor for a reason. It's a foundation that helps to cover imperfections and makes your skin radiant. The best part about the foundation is the price. It's an affordable foundation that still has amazing quality.

Instead of doing a smokey eye or a heavy eye look, Sam used the new Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick to use as both an eyeshadow and an eyeliner. She applied "Bullet Proof Beige" on the lid and used "Gossip Green" on the lower waterline. This is a great way of dabbling with colour without using colour all over the lid. It also goes to show how versatile the Rimmel Shadow Sticks are. 

Since we're normally quite pale after winter, Sam applied the Australis Powder Bronzer in "Golden." It's a light reflecting bronzing powder that will give you a beautiful summertime glow. A great tip Sam shared was how to turn a powder brush into a contour brush. She pinched the bristles to make it into a fan shape. 

Lastly she used the CoverGirl Color Whisper in "Orange Attitude." These tinted lipstick hybrids are great for anyone that wants to try a new colour (like orange or purple) but are overwhelmed by using a full on lip colour. Because it's a tint, you get a small dose of colour and can slowly work up to a brighter hue. 

And this was the after look!

It's a really wearable look, and is great for those of us that don't want an in your face colourful look.

One thing that really stuck out to me was when Lisa said that we've changed the way we use lipstick. Before we would pick a colour that suited our hair or complexion. Now colourful lipstick is used as an accessory. And it's so true! Only 3 or 4 years ago, colourful lipstick wasn't "in." Now you see women of all ages and styles rock an orange, red or fuschia lip!

From 10am-3pm, they also had makeovers available. You could get your nails or make up done. I got my nails painted, but of course I had ruined both my thumbs within 10 minutes! 

 Also for a gold coin donation, you could get one of their amazing goodie bags. They only have limited goodie bags, so get in early! 

They've tried to keep the goodie bags similar around Australia. So if you attend one of the many events they are holding then here's a sneak peak into the goodie bag.

There's a great mix of full size products and samples in the bag. In the above photo is all of the full size products. There's a great mixture of products. No matter how young or young at heart you are, there's quite a few things for everyone.

There's some great nail products (like 2 nail file packs and 3 nail polishes) as well as some gorgeous false eyelashes and a Models Prefer eyeliner. Skincare wise there are 2 Aveeno products and a Swisse body wash. I was really lucky to have the Aveeno tinted moisturiser in "fair to light" in my bag that's perfect for my pale skin.

There's also some fantastic samples in the bag. There's a Royal Moroccan sample that has their oil and hair mask, which is amazing. I'm obsessed with the oil and have been using it everyday for the last 2 months. There's also samples of the new Nivea In Shower Body Lotion, a deluxe sample of a John Frieda shampoo and conditioner and more! 

See the 30 Days Of Fashion and Beauty website here to see events in your area.

Are you going to any of the beauty editor workshops? Or will you pop along and get a make over?

PS Isn't Lisa's hair to die for!! I love that even though she has shorter hair, she's still been able to do an ombre look. 


  1. That looks amazing, we were going to go but slept in. :( If only they held the event later during the day. :P

  2. Sounds like a nice day. Starting to think I need a Scandaleyes Shadow stick now. I wear my Australis bronzer every day :D. Hope you have a great weekend Amy :D

  3. You lucky thing! I was so disappointed that it was on a Wednesday :( Oh well, looks like you got some pretty good things in that goodie bag of yours!

  4. Oh my gosh! I envy you! I don't have an event near me. :(

    Btw Amy, I've tagged you in a post on my blog. Please check it out. :)
    Ty's Blog of Epiphanies

  5. Looks like a great day! Your makeup looked great!

    Littlewing Lou

  6. It sounds like a really fun day and the goodie bag looks great too! xx


  7. Such fantastic tips! I'm so sad that I haven't been able to go to one for years, they are always held during business hours which is a shame!


  8. Anastasiastarz- Ohh no! I hope you had a great sleep in. Hopefully you'll make the next event.

    Susannah- You should buy at least one of the Shadow Sticks. The one I have is great (even though it's only brown).

    Candice- It's so hard to pick a date that suits everyone. Last time they had them on a weekend, but so many people work weekends, so they can't win. Too bad they couldn't have multiple events in each state.

    Ty- Hopefully next event they come to you :) Thanks for tagging me. I'll do it as soon as I can xo

    Lou- It was a great day. I hope you can make an event.

    Jasminecara- They ALWAYS have great goodie bags.

    MM- Hopefully next time you'll be able to go. Or you might have to take a day off work ;)