Trash Or Treasure: March, April, May And June Empties!

Sunday 30 June 2013

Are you ready for a mega empties post?? I hope you are because over the last 4 months I have gone through  A LOT of products. Here's what I've been using...


Rexona Clear Aqua Deodorant
This was an alright deodorant, but nothing special.
Will I repurchase? Maybe

1 Skin Solution Lime Thyme Body Wash (deluxe sample)*
I adore the smell of this. Usually I wouldn't have bought a scent like this myself, but was scent it and fell in love with it. I've already reviewed it here.
Will I repurchase? Yes, along with the Vanilla Body Lotion

Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Concentrated Cream (deluxe sample)
I actually purchased this because of the sample I used. Even though it's olive, it doesn't make you smell like cooking oil! 
Will I repurchase? Already have

OPI AvoJuice  Coconut Melon Body Cream (50ml)
This smelt really nice, but it didn't impress me that much. I prefer drugstore/supermarket brands over this. They are less expensive and work just as well, if not better. 
Will I repurchase? No

Palmers Shea Butter Formula Concentrate Cream (deluxe sample)
I really loved this and found it really moisturising. I adore Palmers products! 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Burts Bees Exfoliating Body Wash (deluxe sample)
I just found this body wash slightly pointless. It didn't have big enough exfoliating beads to really exfoliate my skin. It's a nice body wash, but not worth the price.
Will I repurchase? No

Eco Store Coconut Soap
I was sent this last year and really loved it, so I purchased it recently. It has a beautiful soft coconut smell, and it's really hydrating. It's also inexpensive.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Circa Home Lilac & Orchid Soap
This was in the very first Her Fashion Box and it's AMAZING!!! It lasted me over a month, and has made me want to try more of their soaps. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Nivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion
I purchased this after using a sample of it, and I really love it. I normally don't like Nivea body lotions as I find them greasy and smelly, but this is neither of those things. It's a great inexpensive body lotion that's really hydrating.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Schick Hydro Silk Razor (x 2)
I love these razors! They are super hydrating and are great at getting stubble. They are on the higher end pricewise for razors, but are worth it. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Swisse Hand Cream (deluxe sample)
I actually used this as a body lotion. It has a really unusual scent, but I really like it. 
Will I repurchase? Maybe. I really like it, but it's a little bit pricey. If it's on special I'll purchase it. 

Allegra Rhodes Cherry Blossom Body Lotion*
I was sent this, along with the body wash and hand cream. I really love the scent, and it brings a little bit of glamour to my day. I've reviewed the 2 products here.
Will I repurchase? Yes, but will get a different scent to try 

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola perfume (sample)
I love Marc Jacobs perfumes, and this one is beautiful. While I liked it, I prefer Daisy.
Will I repurchase? No

Dove Beauty Cream Bar (sample)
I've used this before and it's a beautiful creamy soap. It's hydrating and inexpensive. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Make Up

Face Of Australia 3 in 1 Face Base Primer
This is a great inexpensive primer. A lot of people have said it's a dupe for the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot. While it has the same ingredients, I think the measurements are different and it doesn't last as long. It's a great everyday primer, but it doesn't make my make up last from morning to late at night. 
Will I repurchase? Maybe. If I'm on a budget I will, but otherwise I'd rather purchase a longer lasting formula

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer
I've used this on and off for years, and it's a great inexpensive concealer for blemishes, as it's a thick formula. 
Will I repurchase? Most likely

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
I adore this foundation. It's the perfect light weight summer foundation. While it's a more expensive drugstore foundation ($32.00 here in Australia), it's worth every cent.
Will I repurchase? YES YES YES!!!

Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation
This foundation is quite similar to the Bourjois foundation, except $12 less. It's a lightweight, dewy formula that is great for a simple no make up look. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm in 205
For some reason, these tinted lip balm have been skipped by a lot of bloggers (most likely because the Revlon Lip Butters were around at the same time). It's  a gorgeous soft and hydrating formula. This is a light pink, that is similar to my lips, but better. 
Will I repurchase? YES!!! I've already bought this and another colour

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm
I really love Burt's Bees lip products. This is a hydrating lip balm that has a never slight tint, that makes my lips look like mine just better, and glossy. 
Will I repurchase? YES

Avon Super Shock Max Mascara 
I've heard good things about Avon mascaras, but I was really disappointed with this. I found it smudged really easily and just didn't give enough UMMPH to my eyes. 
Will I repurchase? No

Rimmel VolumeFlash Scandal Eyes Mascara
I have a love hate relationship with this. It makes my eyelashes and eyes POP, but I did notice in the afternoon it would smudge. Also the mascara wand is really big and fat, and it's not the best for my small eyes. If I use a different (smaller) wand then it's fine. 
Will I repurchase? Maybe

Mirenesse Icon sealer 24hr Concealer (x 2)
LOVE this!!! Holy Grail concealer. I can't rave about it enough. It's fantastic for concealer my redness and pigmentation. It goes on almost like a lightweight foundation and feels weightless.
Will I repurchase? I have multiple times

Models Prefer Retractable Eyebrow Pencil in Medium
I really love this eyebrow pencil. It is soft and easy to use. It also has a spoolie on the end. It's inexpensive, but is a holy grail product. 
Will I repurchase? Yes


Yes To Carrots Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towelettes
Everytime I used this, it made my skin become irritated and red. I ended up using these to wipe of swatches on my arm.
Will I repurchase? No...unless I want red, irritated skin

MooGoo Oil Cleansing Method For Combination Skin
LOVE this!!! It's my holy grail oil cleanser. If you haven't tried it before, go out and get it. Read my review here.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Biore Combination Balancing Cleanser (deluxe sample)
I've used this quite a few times and love it. I always go back to Biore products when I'm having either oily skin or break outs. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Guinot Biological Peeling Radiance Gel (sample)
Honestly I can't remember this. It's a small sample that I could only use once, so it's really hard to get results. 
Will I repurchase? I'd probably want to retry it before purchasing a full size

Mirenesse Endless Youth Magic BeadsBotanical Cleanser (sample)
I really love this cleanser/gentle exfoliant. It's nice and creamy, so it's perfect for dry skin or for winter.
Will I repurchase? I've already purchased it...twice

Dove Foaming Make Up Remover
This just didn't go well with my skin (I find foams very stripping on my skin). I didn't want to throw it out, so instead I used it to clean my face washers after using them. 
Will I repurchase? Most likely not, as it's a expensive face wash detergent

Models Prefer Eye Remove Waterproof Make-up Remover For Eyes
I purchased this when Priceline had it half price (I paid $5 for it). Even though it's a waterproof formula, it just didn't remove much mascara. I never felt like my eyelashes were clean.
Will I repurchase? No

Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash (deluxe sample)
I really liked this cleanser. Even though it's a clarifying cleanser, it didn't feel harsh or stripping.
Will I repurchase? Most likely

Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser
This is one of my favourite cleansers of all time. It's a beautiful cleanser that's soft and gentle. I've previously reviewed it here. If you've never used Sanctuary Spa products, you're missing out on some amazing skincare!
Will I repurchase? Yes

Clarisonic Brush Replacement Head (normal skin)
This is just a replacement brush head. I had this on my Clarisonic for WAY too long, and the brush just wasn't working effectively. 
Will I repurchase? I need to every 3 months for the best results

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil
I really liked this oil cleanser. It's affordable and works really well. While I liked it, I already have a holy grail oil cleanser, and won't repurchase this again. 
Will I repurchase? No

Mirenesse Purify Dual Comfort Eye & Lip Make Up Remover (sample and full size)
I really love this as a eye make up remover. It's gentle but powerful. I've previously reviewed it here.
Will I repurchase? Yes, but it's pricey, so I'll wait until it's on sale

Mirenesse Eclipse Age Defence SPF15 Daily Face & Neck Mineral Balm (sample)
I love this mineral balm. It's a great easy to use sunscreen. I just wish that it was SPF30+
Will I repurchase? I already have

Planet Eve Super 5 Eye Firming Gel
I've heard some great things about this eye gel. Sadly I found it completely over hyped. While I love the roller ball applicator, the formula did nothing. I used it all up and saw absolutely no change to my eye area. 
Will I repurchase? No

Alpha H Liquid Gold Radiance 
I bought this in a 3 pack, that had 3 different strengths. It's a great way of introducing it to your skin in a soft and gentle way. It's a great serum (even though it feels like a toner). 
Will I repurchase? Yes


O&M Original Detox Deep Cleansing Shampoo
I really like this shampoo. It's a great clarifying shampoo without drying out the hair. I used it once a week and the bottle lasted me over 6 months. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment
This was a really disappointing purchase. I had heard some great things about this when it was first launched. It's a 10 in 1 cream, but I didn't find that it did half of the things it promised. It has an amazing scent, but when it came down to it, if it had a boring scent, then I wouldn't have used it at all. 
Will I repurchase? No

O&M TLC Blonde Silver Shampoo
This is one of the only products that I haven't liked from O&M. I found that it didn't really help with the brassiness of my blonde hair. I've heard bloggers rave about this, but sadly it didn't do much for me. 
Will I repurchase? No

Toni & Guy Reconstruction Mask
When I first used it, I didn't rate it, but after a few uses, I really liked it. I could feel a difference in my hair after using it. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Nourishing Luminosity Spray Conditioner
This leave in conditioning spray just didn't do anything for my hair. It didn't make it more moisturised or luminous. I ended up throwing it out half way through. 
Will I repurchase? No

De Lorenzo Rejuven8 Treatment
I've used this on and off since I was a teen. It's really hydrating, smells amazing (a gorgeous berry fruity smell) and leaves your hair shiny.
Will I repurchase? Yes

LÓreal Everstrong Deep Replenishing Masque
This was in my favourites for June. It's a great mask for hydrating and repairing damaged hair. It also has a beautiful coconut scent.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment
I love Lee Stafford products and this mask is no exception. It's hydrating and works quickly.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Keratinology by Sunsilk Express Treatment Conditioner
I've used this on and off since it was released about 2 years ago. It's a quick working conditioner that has the intensity of a mask.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Leave In Nourishing Milk
Another leave in conditioning spray that is hydrating on your hair. I love the smell of this too!
Will I repurchase? Yes

Tresemme Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Spray
I really like spray leave in conditioners and this one is a fantastic budget option. It helps strengthen the hair and help to stop split ends.
Will I repurchase? I already have

De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends
This is another product that I've used on and off for years. It's a great styling product that leaves your hair glossy and hydrated. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo (deluxe sample)
I love Batiste dry shampoo's and this one worked as well as the other ones. It's a cherry scent, but I just found it didn't 
Will I repurchase? Not the cherry scent, but will repurchase the Blush version

Toni & Guy Shampoo & Conditioner for damaged hair (deluxe sample)
I was really impressed with this duo. It's hydrating without weighing my hair down.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Intensive Treatment Mask
I've used this many times because it's a quick hydrating mask that works in 3 minutes.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Pantene Clinicare Fullness Charge Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner (deluxe sample)
I loved using these samples. My hair felt so soft and smooth after using them.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Pantene Intensive Damage Repair Oil 
I used this as an overnight mask the night before I washed my hair. It helped to give moisture to my hair and fix the damaged ends. 
Will I repurchase? As much as I liked it, I prefer the Dove oil instead

O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque x 2 (deluxe sample)
I've been using this mask for about a year and a half and it's one of my favourite masks ever. It works to fix damaged, dry ends and smells beautiful.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Schwarzkopf High Gloss Conditioner
This was a left over conditioner from a hair dye box. It was ok. 
Will I repurchase? No


Colgate Optic White toothpaste
This toothpaste is a whitening toothpaste. I really like it and have purchased 2 more since. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Aquiesse White Currant & Rose Candle*
I LOVE this candle. It has a gorgeous scent that fills up the room. I've previously reviewed it here
Will I repurchase? Yes

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash
This mouthwash is great for not only keeping bad breath at bay, but also killing germs and plaque. 
Will I repurchase? Already have

Pearl Drops Extra White Toothpaste x 2
I've used this toothpaste for quite a while. I either purchase this or the Colgate toothpaste. It also whitens your teeth.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Swisspers Cotton Tips
These are great for fixing up mascara smudges.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Make Up Removal Pads x 4 (From Coles, Black & Gold and Swisspers)
I really loved the large Swisspers ones, but have trouble finding them instore now. The Coles brand is also good. 
Will I repurchase? Yes


Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Lotion x 2
I've used this body lotion since I was a teen. I prefer the fragrance free lotion. 
Will I repurchase? Yes if it's the fragrance free one

Klorane Strengthening and Detangling Balm
I didn't find that this did anything to my hair.
Will I repurchase? No

Nivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion x 2
After using these samples, I went out and bought the full size. It's really nice and hydrating without being heavy or tacky. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Palmers Olive Butter Formula x 2
I really liked this sample, and ended up buying the full size. It has a nice scent and is hydrating. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

Palmers Shea Butter Formula x 2
Another great Palmers body lotion! It's hydrating and light on the skin. 
Will I repurchase? Yes

So that was the empties of the last 4 month!! 

I'm trying to get rid of the clutter of products and am hoping to be able to finish a lot of full size skincare and haircare products in July. 

*I was kindly sent this for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. WOW! So many products! Circa Home products are incredibly beautiful and lovely!!

  2. Whoa that was a lot of empties! Great post :)

  3. HOLY COW! When you said alot of products I was like oh yeah but then I kept scrolling... and scrolling... and scrolling! So amazing - well done on getting through so many goodies!

    I'm so glad you like that hot cloth cleanser, I recently purchased it and I haven't used it yet but I'm glad you love it so much - makes me excited to use it :D


  4. Oh my lord that's a lot of products! Makes me realise how many I put aside and don't finish before opening something new. You've inspired me to actually finish off some of those half full bottles and attack my boxes of samples!
    Nice post, well done!

  5. Gosh, that's a lot of products, you've been powering through! It takes me forever to get to an empty lol!

    Well done, there are some great products you've gone through there!


  6. Rose... I'm really interested in trying more of their products. They seem so beautiful.

    Peta... I know!!! SOOO many products. And yet that's only 1% of the products in my house.

    Sarah... I thought I was never going to finish the post!! It took a few hours.

    Hailey, I know what you mean!! I'm really trying to finish off products, but it's so hard sometimes. I still have way too many opened products.

    MM... Ohhh it's been hard getting through them! Some were much harder than others.

  7. So glad you liked the body wash!! We have candles and gift packs coming out soon! xx

  8. Thanks for sharing so many empties. I am keen to try the Pantene treatment mask and the Burt's Bees lip balm :D

  9. Raylene... I can't wait for the candles :)

    Susannah... Try out the mask, it's great :)